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BWT Brand Upgrade Description

September 18, 2021



Brand Upgrade Video


New start, new image brand upgrade. BWT provides you with unchanging high-quality products and services

We are committed to becoming a global leader in laser solutions, let dreams drive the light, and inspire the world







BWT Brand Upgrade Description




Distinguished customers and partners,


Thank you for your long-term trust and support, you have witnessed the growth and progress of BWT. In order to fully explain BWT’s strategic objectives and brand concept, we have upgraded the original brand definition and VI system. The new logo, as an important part of VI system has been officially launched on September 3rd, 2021. After the launch of the new logo, the relevant promotional website, posters, advertisements, product logos, brochures, packaging boxes and other signs will be gradually replaced. During this period, the used and new logos have the same effect. Please forgive us for any inconvenience caused by the upgrade! We would be most grateful!


The new BWT logo features BWT as the main design element, and the letter “W” in the LOGO features a very light blue-purple gradient and a purple diamond that breaks through the boundary, like a strong beam of light cutting through the night sky, which represents the extraordinary business values, and continue to break through the boundaries of thinking, embracing change, the spirit attitude to challenge the limit. The speed-sensitive tilt angle represents BWT’s continuous efforts in value creation, technological innovation and production efficiency.


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Under the redefined brand concept, BWT will “Let the dream drive the light” for the mission, to become a “Global leader in Laser Solutions” for the vision, “Outstanding Innovation” for the value. More clear positioning, more specific goals, will guide BWT to speed up and make continuous progress, and provide better support and services for the value enhancement of global users.
Customer’s success is our obsession. BWT has always stressed the “Demand-oriented, sharing and growth”. In the continuous innovation and exploration, we never stop the pursuit of product quality. At present, BWT has established R & D centers in many places in China, and invested in the construction of an intelligent, digital production base in Tianjin (China). In order to build the world’s highest level of cutting-edge technology strength and product quality, BWT also set up a German subsidiary, introducing European Quality Standards, for R & D and technological innovation in the international step. The new brand positioning and image, will provide higher strategic objective and development planning, help us to move forward towards excellence and create more new value for customers.
Finally, thanks for the long-term support and help from our valued customers and partners. In the future, with a positive attitude, we continue working together for the development of the laser industry and the prosperity of human society.








September 8th, 2021