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BWT, founded in 2003, is committed to the mission of "Let the dream drive the light", the vision of becoming the "Global leader in laser solutions, and the value of "Outstanding innovation", providing Diode laser, Fiber laser, Ultra-fast laser products and solutions to global customers.The company has always been pursuing continuous innovation and insisted on autonomous and controllable advanced process and technology since its establishment. By taking Beijing head office as the core, BWT has ...
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Lastest company news about JIATAI LASER Collaborates with BWT and BOCHU for a Joint Release: The World's First Thunder 100kw Ultra-High-Power Cutting Equipment
JIATAI LASER Collaborates with BWT and BOCHU for a Joint Release: The World's First Thunder 100kw Ultra-High-Power Cutting Equipment


On February 1st, JIATAI LASER, together with BWT and BOCHU, unveiled the world's first Thunder 100kW ultra-high-power cutting equipment in Suqian, Jiangsu. The event was witnessed by distinguished guests including leaders of Sucheng District, Suqian City, Chen Chao, Secretary-General of the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, Wang Pu, Professor at Beijing University of Technology, Zheng Changhe, General Manager of JIATAI LASER, Zhao Juyun, Rotating General Manager of Fiber BU of BWT, along with many industry elites and media personnel.       Panoramic view of the event   For years, BWT has committed to independent research and innovation, focusing on solving the industry's challenges in cutting thick plates and promoting a traditional processing alternative. The release of the Thunder 100kW ultra-high-power cutting equipment by JIATAI LASER in partnership with BWT and BOCHU is a paradigm of industry collaboration and mutual benefit. By combining each other's strengths, the three parties have provided the industry with an ultimate solution for ultra-high-power laser applications, significantly increasing laser processing speed and efficiency, and enhancing the cutting capability in industrial manufacturing.   The World's First Thunder 100kw Ultra-High-Power Cutting Equipment   JIATAI LASER is a leading enterprise in high-end laser equipment, with a significant domestic market share in high-power devices. At the press conference, Zheng Changhe, the general manager of JIATAI LASER, described the launch as epoch-making, marking a new pinnacle for laser cutting technology. "Named after the Thunder, the Thunder 100kW represents a formidable force injected into the industry, shaking the market like a thunderclap. Its release is a profound challenge to the global laser cutting field. JIATAI LASER will, as always, dedicate itself to technological innovation, providing customers with superior products and services; we will also move forward, driving innovative development in laser technology and ushering in a new era of laser cutting," Zheng stated. Zheng Changhe, the general manager of JIATAI LASER, giving his speech   Chen Xiaohua, Chairman of BWT, commented in a video message that the joint release of the Thunder 100kW new product is not only the fruit of technical cooperation among three outstanding enterprises but also a significant breakthrough in the field of laser cutting. We understand that only through technological breakthroughs and innovation can we meet the industry's need for high-quality development and truly lead the laser industry to break away from involution and ascend. The launch of our flagship product—the Thunder Series Fiber Laser—is a vivid embodiment of this philosophy."   Last September, BWT officially launched the Thunder series products based on CTC integrated technology, covering powers from 12kW to 100kW, characterized by 'three highs and one long'—high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable. This product, crafted by BWT for the industry, propels the company into the realm of ultra-high-power laser cutting. The Thunder series products are capable of handling more complex and diverse cutting application scenarios, providing superior solutions for ultra-thick plate cutting in high-end manufacturing areas such as construction machinery, steel structures, shipbuilding, energy and power, and rail transit.   BWT Thunder 100kw Fiber Laser   He added that the new Thunder series products showcase BWT's deep innovation potential, having been well-received by the market upon launch. The 20-40kW range has become the mainstay of shipments, with 60kW reaching mass delivery, and 80kW initiating customized orders. Now, with the strong support of JIATAI LASER and BOCHU Electronic, the Thunder 100kW fiber laser has also reached its highlight moment.     Chen Xiaohua, Chairman of BWT, giving his speech   BOCHU Electronic is a leader in domestic laser control systems and industrial software, as well as a new force in intelligent laser cutting heads. Xie Miao, BOCHU Electronic's Laser Business General Manager, expressed in a video address that the collaboration presented a new development opportunity for BOCHU Electronic. The Thunder 100kW product is expected to reshape the landscape of the laser processing industry, bringing a faster, more efficient, and higher-quality laser cutting experience to the market, injecting new technological vitality into the entire industry.   Xie Miao, BOCHU Electronic's Laser Business General Manager, giving his speech   Wang Pu, Professor of Beijing University of Technology, believes that when laser processing reaches the 100kW level, it indicates a broad prospect for the thick plate cutting market, especially in certain ultra-thick plate domains, where there is significant space for exploration. This requires laser enterprises to lead future industry development through cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and strengthen original and disruptive technological innovation. The joint release of the Thunder 100kW, from core materials, core technology to core components, showcases the outstanding technological innovation capabilities of domestic leading enterprises, achieving autonomy and control. The advent of this powerhouse in the laser cutting field heralds the arrival of a new era in ultra-high-power thick plate cutting.   Wang Pu, Professor of Beijing University of Technology, giving his speech     Chen Chao, Secretary-General of the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, congratulated the success of the event. He expressed his pleasure in seeing JIATAI LASER and BWT, two leading enterprises residing in the Suqian Laser Industrial Park, joining hands and moving forward together with BOCHU Electronic in this fertile ground.   As traditional manufacturing transitions and upgrades, and laser technology and applications continue to expand, the "light" manufacturing industry is facing new changes, opportunities, and challenges. In the journey towards a decade of development, there should be further transformation towards specialization, precision, uniqueness, and innovation. There should also be a continuous strengthening of key core technologies in the laser field, the exploration of more laser application scenarios, and the empowerment of traditional industries through "light" intelligent manufacturing, thereby improving new industries, new business models, new technologies, and new patterns. Moreover, the Laser Processing Committee will also deeply build a "production, learning, research, and application" platform, continuing to strive unremittingly for the high-quality development of China's laser processing industry.   Chen Chao, Secretary-General of the Laser Processing Committee of COS, delivering a speech   Qin Yonghui, a leader of Sucheng District, expressed that this press conference is of extraordinary significance, comprehensively demonstrating the outstanding technological and product innovation capabilities of the three companies. It will undoubtedly propel the entire laser industry towards a new chapter of high power, high integration, and intelligence. It is expected that JIATAI LASER, BWT, and BOCHU Electronic set this as a new starting point, continuing to focus on their core business, deeply cultivating the industry, and effectively establishing the benchmark for the development of manufacturing in Sucheng. The Sucheng district will continue to play the role of a facilitator, providing refined, efficient, and comprehensive services to escort the investment and development of enterprises. Qin Yonghui, a leader of Sucheng District, delivering a speech   At the collaborative ribbon-cutting ceremony, leaders and guests, including Qin Yonghui, a leader of Sucheng District, Professor Wang Pu from Beijing University of Technology, Zheng Changhe, General Manager of JIATAI LASER, Chen Dajian, Vice General Manager of R&D at JIATAI LASER, Tang Sunhuai, Vice General Manager of Material Control at JIATAI LASER, and Zhao Juyun, Rotating General Manager of Fiber BU of BWT, jointly took the stage, officially announcing the release of the Thunder 100kW ultra-high-power cutting equipment.   Cooperation Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony   That afternoon, the attending leaders and guests also visited the JIATAI LASER and BWT (Suqian) branch. Both companies have witnessed the great change of Suqian's laser equipment industry developing from 0 to 1, from weak to strong, gradually becoming a nationally influential emerging industry.   The joint release of the world's first Thunder 100kW ultra-high-power cutting equipment by JIATAI LASER, BWT, and BOCHU Electronic is one of the important signs of China's rapid progress in laser technology. It is also a stage achievement of laser technology driving the birth of new productive forces in the manufacturing industry. Industry insiders believe that, facing the overall transformation trend of China's industrial manufacturing, the emergence of products with power up to 100kW is like a "timely rain," effectively shattering doubts about the necessity for ultra-high-power laser devices. In the field of thick plates, the Thunder 100kW product not only realizes a doubling of efficiency over the previous generation but also enhances the processing advantage in the domain of ultra-thick plates, breaking through the barriers in ultra-thick plate processing and enabling a real "qualitative change" in cutting capabilities. It is especially true in completely replacing plasma/flame products in the ultra-thick plate domain.   Visiting the JIATAI LASER Suqian Factory   Facing the ever-expanding demand for high-end laser cutting equipment in the future, it is challenging for any enterprise to navigate the market alone. Promoting independent innovation and deep collaboration within the industrial chain is an essential path. JIATAI LASER states that BWT is continuously catching up with global advanced levels, possessing deep technical expertise and significant development potential. Envisioning future collaboration, BWT, along with JIATAI LASER and BOCHU Electronic, aims to advance a leap in laser cutting technology, jointly opening a new chapter in the era of intelligent industrial manufacturing.        
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Lastest company news about BWT's first batch of Thunder 80kW
BWT's first batch of Thunder 80kW "Cutting Master" landed in the Yangtze River Delta


Recently, BWT successfully delivered the first batch of Thunder 80kW ultra-high-power fiber lasers to customers in Zhejiang, continuing to explore cost reduction potential and stimulate efficiency in the industry. Since the latter half of the preceding year, BWT's ultra-high-power lasers have made significant waves in the industrial landscape, bringing surging momentum to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing.               ▲The Thunder 80kW ultra-high-power fiber laser   New upgrades, gaining market popularity BWT boasts extensive technological expertise in the realm of high-power fiber lasers. Last September, BWT introduced the Thunder series fiber lasers to the industry, with power ranging from 12kW to 100kW, aiming to truly solve the processing challenges of medium-thick plates for users and eliminate the pain points of metal processing. In just a few months, the Thunder 20kW-40kW products emerged as the predominant choice in applications, with the 60kW being shipped and customized products such as 80kW-100kW continuously garnering inquiries and orders. This trend strongly indicates that, within the macroeconomic context of national economic recovery and the push for transitioning from old to new energy sources, the prospects for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, as well as for medium-thick plate metal processing, are highly promising. The success of the Thunder series in the market can be attributed to BWT's adoption of cutting-edge technologies, resulting in comprehensive breakthroughs in integration, power, brightness, and fiber delivery cables. Firstly, based on lightweight and high-brightness pumping source core technology, BWT has introduced the CTC chip integration technology, achieving remarkable integration. Secondly, the development of the high-brightness 6kW Thunder optical platform, coupled with power combining technology, has significantly increased the upper limit of power. Thirdly, during power combining, BWT maximizes the use of mode control technology, divergence angle compression technology, and high-order mode filtering technology, resulting in high-brightness laser output. Finally, the adoption of a smaller output core diameter of 75μm-100μm ensures a Raman Suppression Ratio ≥40dB, guaranteeing stable cutting of long fiber delivery cables. With continuous technological innovation and performance enhancements, Thunder 80kW relies on the "three highs and one long" advantages — high integration, high power, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cables — emerging as an "powerful player" in the market, providing multi-material ultra-thick plate cutting in high-end manufacturing fields such as construction machinery, steel structures, shipbuilding, energy and power, and rail transportation.   Soaring speed & Surging efficiency How does Thunder 80kW meet the needs of ultra-thick plate processing? Adhering to its consistent rigorous approach, BWT conducts strict testing and verification for each new product before its market introduction. Stringent controls are applied to ensure high standards in light output, stability, and cutting effects, meeting users' urgent demands for efficiency improvement and cost reduction.   Following cutting tests by BWT's process application department, Thunder 80kW, the "cutting master", exhibits enhanced cutting ability, achieving a qualitative leap in processing speed that rivals the industry's highest standards. Even in certain thickness ranges, efficiency surpasses expectations.   For instance, air cutting of 20mm stainless steel reaches a maximum speed of 13m/min, delivering swift and precise cutting results. Air cutting of 40mm stainless steel achieves a maximum speed of 4.5m/min, ensuring high production efficiency. ▲The Thunder 80kW Cutting Samples Display   In comparison to the 30kW model, Thunder 80kW demonstrates significant advantages in air cutting above 30mm. In the case of air cutting 50mm-80mm stainless steel, the speed can be increased by more than 4 times.   Compared to the 40kW model, Thunder 80kW exhibits higher efficiency in cutting above 40mm. For air cutting of 50-80mm stainless steel, the speed can be increased by more than 2 times, while air cutting of 100mm stainless steel sees a speed increase of more than 3 times.   Even when faced with ultra-thick plate cutting, Thunder 80kW effortlessly achieves batch cutting of up to 160mm and takes on the challenge of extreme cutting of 200mm.   As the high-end manufacturing industry advances rapidly, a further surge in demand for high-power laser cutting technology is anticipated.   As a member of the ultra-high-power cutting market, BWT will leverage its 20 years of technological expertise to stay at the forefront of advanced processing technology. This commitment aims to provide a more efficient and high-quality processing experience for a diverse range of users, contributing to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.
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Lastest company news about BWT laser technology, guarding people's
BWT laser technology, guarding people's "light of life"


At present, innovative technologies are constantly being applied to the health field. From 3D printed bones to 4D tumor imaging, from remote consultation to "space-based" surgery, 5G, AI and other technologies provide people with a "health shield". How is laser, which is also a cutting-edge technology, applied in the field of life sciences?   Recently, BWT launched a popular science live broadcast event and shared "Application of Red Semiconductor Lasers in Photodynamic Physiotherapy", unveiling the mystery of laser medical applications. As a special guest, Luo Xiaoying, the product manager of BWT, shared the content of photodynamic therapy, low-noise uniform beam and related lasers in the photoelectric micro-classroom. It was full of dry goods and showed the great charm of laser technology.         The era of photodynamic therapy has come   The live broadcast opened the door and pointed out that the application potential of semiconductor lasers in the medical and health field is being rapidly tapped, and photodynamic physiotherapy based on this application has begun to play an important role in the field of tumor treatment.   According to Luo Xiaoying, photodynamic therapy is based on the interaction of light, photosensitizers and oxygen, and selectively destroys diseased tissues through photodynamic reactions to achieve therapeutic purposes. It has become a treatment for tumors in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan conventional means.   "Compared with traditional therapy, photodynamic therapy has the advantages of high selectivity, definite curative effect, palliative treatment, good adaptability, minimal invasiveness, and low toxicity. It can protect the functions of important organs and can also cooperate with surgery to improve curative effect." For example, brain glioma, etc., using photodynamic therapy can eliminate hidden cancer lesions: there may be tiny cancer nests that are invisible to the naked eye outside the main lesion, and photodynamic therapy can be used to irradiate the surface to eliminate all potential small lesions, which can greatly improve Reduce the chance of tumor recurrence.   According to "The Current Situation and Trend of Cancer in China", among the eight major causes of death among urban residents in my country, cancer accounts for 27%; the number of cancer patients in my country ranks first in the world, and the 5-year survival rate is only 30.9%, which is higher than the global 17% average level. The compound annual growth rate of China's tumor medical service market is 12.1%, and it is expected to reach 536.1 billion yuan in 2022. In dealing with tumors, photodynamic physiotherapy is being rapidly applied as a new type of therapy, and it is expected to become a routine method of tumor treatment in my country in the future.   What is the promotion prospect of photodynamic physiotherapy in China? Luo Xiaoying mentioned three major factors, namely lasers, photosensitizers, and clinical cognition. At present, with the breakthrough and leadership of companies such as BWT in the field of semiconductor lasers, the photodynamic physiotherapy puzzle has completed a strong corner.   Defend people's life and health with laser   Protecting people's health is already a national strategy. It is also one of the goals that BWT is constantly pursuing to bring together cutting-edge technologies in the laser field to serve people's health.   Facing the life and health of the people, BWT has been deeply involved in the field of semiconductor lasers for 20 years, and has produced a number of important scientific and technological achievements, and has completed domestic substitution in many fields such as medical beauty, with fruitful results and obvious advantages.   "In the field of red light photodynamic physiotherapy lasers, BWT launched the MF platform, and created two types of bar fiber-coupled modules of 0.5-3W and 15W. For reliability and stability, BWT insulated the positive electrode from the shell, and has Rich interface functions, including human resistance, optical fiber plugging and unplugging sensing, indicator light and indicator light control, PD monitoring, etc. In addition, BWT also launched A5-CR, 15-pin and other products based on multi-single-tube coupling packages, which can also be used in lasers for photodynamic therapy. On this basis, theBWT 450-6xxnm wavelength semiconductor laser is mainly used in the field of photodynamic physiotherapy. With the development of blue light photosensitizer technology, BWT's various blue light lasers can be adapted to blue light photodynamic therapy.   More than that, BWT multi-wavelength lasers are also used in dental, medical beauty, fine processing and other health fields. Among them, 450nm and 808nm wavelength lasers are used in the field of dentistry. Up to now, almost the world's major dental medical equipment manufacturers still use the semiconductor lasers produced by BWT. In addition, 980nm and 1064nm wavelength lasers are used in the field of medical cosmetology, 1470nm can be used in vascular surgery, wrinkle removal, acne removal and other fields, femtosecond lasers can also be used in fine processing, such as heart stent processing and other fields, and can also be used in myopia Corrective surgery. In the field of health, BWT laser products are safeguarding people's life and health step by step.   3.5 billion years ago, the natural light on the earth provided energy and gave birth to primitive life. Today, lasers continue to play a huge role in the life sciences as a form of multi-wavelength light. In the future, BWT will continue to be user-oriented, stay true to its original intention, create extraordinary changes, and strive to become a "global laser solution leader" and continue to provide high-quality services for people's lives and health.
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Lastest company news about BWT's product line
BWT's product line


  BWT's product line     Tianjin Automation Production Base   Represented by the Lightning series, BWT has established three product lines of semiconductor, optical fiber and ultrafast lasers to provide users with diversified applications and customized services.   In terms of core technology, BWT keeps up with the frontiers of technology, masters every process link from chip placement to fiber coupling, and tempers its own core technology system in chip packaging, beam shaping, multi-core fiber beam combining, etc. In terms of wavelength locking and control of output spot energy distribution, etc., he has rich practical experience and technical accumulation.In terms of industrialization capabilities, Kaplein's automated production base in Tianjin provides strong momentum for the development of various regional markets. "In the Tianjin base, there are more than 100 sets of equipment with a unit price of more than one million, and the core key positions such as high-power die sintering and pump source coupling are 100% automated." The production line is laid out according to the "one flow" idea, and the production efficiency has doubled. More than 2 times, the unit energy consumption is reduced by about 20%. Currently, BWT can provide a full range of high-power fiber lasers and cost-effective pump sources in large quantities.   With strong production capacity and total quality management, BWT is striving to realize the strategic vision of "Global Laser Solution Leader". Among them, semiconductor lasers have been widely used in industrial pumping, industrial processing, medical beauty, scientific research, sensor detection, security lighting and other fields; fiber lasers and ultrafast lasers are also meeting the needs of different end customer applications.    
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Lastest company news about New Products | BWT Appeared at Photonics West in San Francisco, USA
New Products | BWT Appeared at Photonics West in San Francisco, USA


          New Products | BWT Appeared at Photonics West in San Francisco, USA     From January 31st to February 2nd, the Western Photonics Exhibition in San Francisco, USA was grandly opened at the Moscone Convention Center. This exhibition brought together leading enterprises and elites in the global optoelectronic industry. As a global leader in laser solutions, BWT participated in the exhibition with two series of semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers. The site attracted many professionals to stop and consult, discuss new technologies and new products, and exchange cutting-edge industry information.       New Product——Blue Engraving Laser Compared with near-infrared lasers, highly reflective materials such as glass and copper foil have a higher absorption rate of blue light, so blue lasers have attracted much attention in the field of material surface treatment. The new Blue engraving laser launched by BWT has the advantages of small focused spot, high output energy, high reliability, small volume and easy integration. It is suitable for desktop equipment and can engrave or cut cardboard, leather, wood, glass, paint and other common Metal.       New product - 976nm wavelength locked high power semiconductor laser module The laser adopts 976nm wavelength, VBG lock, has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 48%, and the characteristics of small nonlinear effect and quantum loss; precise optical adjustment and shaping and efficient heat dissipation package further improve the reliability of the product and reach a certain power range Wavelength locking; a new generation of lightweight product design, while occupying high power, high brightness, high wavelength stability characteristics, can be widely used in high-end industrial processing and scientific research fields. We believe that only through continuous technological innovation can we seize the opportunity and come out on top. In the future, BWT will launch more new products that meet the needs of users.
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