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BWT, founded in 2003, is committed to the mission of "Let the dream drive the light", the vision of becoming the "Global leader in laser solutions, and the value of "Outstanding innovation", providing Diode laser, Fiber laser, Ultra-fast laser products and solutions to global customers.The company has always been pursuing continuous innovation and insisted on autonomous and controllable advanced process and technology since its establishment. By taking Beijing head office as the core, BWT has ...
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Lastest company news about BWT Showcases 150kW Laser at The 27th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, Driving New Growth for Industry Partners
BWT Showcases 150kW Laser at The 27th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, Driving New Growth for Industry Partners


On June 26, the JM2024 · The 27th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, an international industrial event, kicked off at the Qingdao International Expo Center. The exhibition, focusing on the forefront of intelligent manufacturing, brought together over 1,000 leading companies from around the world to explore the future trends of digital transformation and technological innovation in the machine tool industry.   In the context of the ongoing evolution of global manufacturing, BWT showcased its Lightning Series, Thunder Series fiber lasers, and laser solutions at Hall S2, demonstrating the company's precise understanding of the needs in aerospace, new energy vehicles, construction machinery, and 3D printing industries.     Fiber Lasers | Technological Innovation Leading Industry Upgrades   As the cornerstone of the national economy, the manufacturing sector continues to show strong demand for core machine tool equipment. BWT keeps pace with global manufacturing trends, aligns with international markets, and promotes global cooperation.   At the exhibition, BWT's Lightning Series and Thunder Series fiber lasers, with their high integration design and advanced fourth-generation pump source technology, achieved a comprehensive performance upgrade. These lasers significantly enhance processing efficiency and ensure cutting quality, attracting numerous visitors to inquire and learn more.     The Lightning 500W-6000W fiber lasers, known for being "smaller, lighter, and smarter," are powerful tools for medium and thin sheet processing, widely used in industrial welding, cutting, and 3D printing. Meanwhile, the Thunder 12kW-150kW ultra-high power fiber lasers, with their four core advantages of high power, high efficiency, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable, achieve higher laser power, stronger cutting ability, and faster processing efficiency, bringing revolutionary breakthroughs to the thick plate cutting field.     Partnering with Industry Leaders | Ushering in a New Era of Ultra-High Power Industrial Applications   As a partner of BWT, GWEIKE launched an ultra-high power laser cutting machine equipped with BWT's Thunder 150kW fiber laser at the exhibition, delivering an impressive laser spectacle to on-site customers.   BWT and GWEIKE jointly unveiled the new product   This new product, with its superior cutting speed and thickness, received widespread acclaim from the audience. In tests, its cutting efficiency exceeded 250% compared to 60kW products, easily handling the processing challenges of thick plates over 400mm. Additionally, its smaller heat-affected zone and higher processing quality make it a promising alternative to traditional processing methods, bringing a dual revolution in precision and efficiency to the manufacturing industry.     As a new wave of technological and industrial transformation deepens, laser technology is accelerating its empowerment across various sectors, providing immense opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The advent of this 150kW ultra-high power laser cutting machine offers more efficient and precise processing tools for the manufacturing industry and injects new momentum into the development of high-end manufacturing fields such as aviation, shipbuilding, rail, and automotive.
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Lastest company news about BWT Shines at LASERFAIR SHENZHEN 2024, SLA Highlights Technological Strength
BWT Shines at LASERFAIR SHENZHEN 2024, SLA Highlights Technological Strength


From June 19 to 21, amidst the brilliant radiance of laser technology, the 17th LASERFAIR SHENZHEN 2024 opened splendidly in Shenzhen. Themed "Connecting with Light, Empowering the Future," the exhibition focused on showcasing advanced laser manufacturing technologies and highlighted industry innovations.   BWT showcased its star products across three major series: diode lasers, fiber fibers, and ultrafast lasers, offering attendees a feast of high-end core light sources for manufacturing. During the event, BWT was honored with the "2024 7th SLA Best Growth Enterprise Award," further endorsing its vibrant growth momentum.     New trends surged as star products competed on the same stage   At this exhibition, major exhibitors vividly demonstrated the comprehensive upgrade of the laser industry through innovative technologies integrating industry convergence, accelerating the convergence of new industry development energies.   As one of the first batch of "Little Giant" enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BWT competed with its star products, showcasing breakthrough laser products and application solutions globally. Together with industry partners, it outlined the industry blueprint of "laser technology, global manufacturing."   Fan Dianyuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and distinguished professor at Shenzhen University, visited the BWT booth   BWT's impressive product lineup included the Lightning series fiber lasers for handheld laser welding and metal 3D printing in cutting-edge fields; Thunder series fiber lasers designed for thick and extra-thick plate cutting; diode lasers widely used in medical, communication, lighting, and industrial pumping industries; and ultrafast lasers providing efficient solutions for photovoltaic cells, consumer electronics, and brittle materials. Additionally, BWT's newly launched Lightning 6000W high-brightness laser made its debut, attracting considerable attention.   BWT Laser Series Products   BWT 6000W High-Brightness Laser, processing efficiency comparable to 12kW   Receiving the SLA again, leading technological innovation into the future   Shortly before the opening of this exhibition, the highly anticipated "2024 7th SLA," a top award in the entire laser industry chain, announced its winners. BWT's increasing innovation capabilities and competitive strength earned it the prestigious "Best Growth Enterprise Award"!     In recent years, BWT has shown strong development momentum. The company not only successfully obtained certifications such as High-tech Enterprise, Postdoctoral Research Workstation, and Specialized, Refined, Distinctive, and Innovative Enterprise, but also achieved expansion and efficiency improvement in the fast lane of the laser industry. Its Lightning and Thunder series fiber lasers, in particular, have performed remarkably in high-end manufacturing, effectively promoting the iterative upgrade of domestic laser welding and cutting technologies. Notably, on March 20, BWT launched the Thunder 150kW fiber laser, setting a new global record for industrial cutting power, pushing laser industrial cutting capabilities to new heights.   According to a report by CCID Consulting, BWT, as one of the main forces in China's high-performance laser technology development and manufacturing, has long held a leading position in the domestic diode laser market sales share and is gradually becoming a domestic pioneer leading the development in the full power range laser industry.     Looking ahead, BWT will continue to explore tirelessly, using innovative technologies to provide more efficient and precise laser solutions for global manufacturing, and driving the manufacturing industry towards higher levels of technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Let us look forward to BWT's splendid performance in the field of laser technology!
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Lastest company news about Exclusive Interview | Dr. Shuai Li, Founder of FastForm: Exploring the Innovative Path of Metal 3D Printing
Exclusive Interview | Dr. Shuai Li, Founder of FastForm: Exploring the Innovative Path of Metal 3D Printing


Recently, China's Chang'e-6 spacecraft successfully landed on the far side of the moon and returned with lunar soil, marking another great achievement in humanity's exploration of the universe. As the construction of the International Lunar Research Station gradually transitions from dream to reality, 3D printing technology, a core technology, has garnered significant attention. This includes the establishment of lunar soil 3D printing bases and the use of metal laser 3D printing in the first flight of the Long March 5 rocket.   Laser 3D printing, also known as metal additive manufacturing, has become an essential part of high-end manufacturing due to its flexibility in design, short development cycle, high printing precision, high material utilization, and excellent performance, especially suitable for complex structural components. In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, 3D printing technology has expanded from small-scale research to large-scale application, deeply integrating into various aspects of life. Recently, we interviewed Dr. Shuai Li, founder and CEO of FastForm 3D Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as FastForm), to discuss laser 3D printing technology and industry trends and development characteristics.   Dr. Shuai Li, Founder and CEO of FastForm 3D Technology Co., Ltd.   Embracing Integrated Innovation, Leading the Next Industrial Revolution   3D printing technology, originating in the 1980s, breaks the constraints of traditional subtractive and formative manufacturing by using digital printing to create complex three-dimensional structures, bringing disruptive innovation to the manufacturing industry.   Domestic and international universities and research institutions were the pioneers in exploring 3D printing technology. With continuous technological advancement, the aerospace industry has raised higher requirements for components, including ultra-high load-bearing capacities, extreme heat dissipation, and lightweight characteristics. Metal 3D printing technology can process refractory metals and alloys, and manufacture large-size, thin-walled, high-density, and lightweight components. More importantly, it can produce complex metal parts that are difficult or even impossible to process using traditional methods, such as thin-walled complex structures, non-standard curved surfaces, intricate flow channel structures, lattice structures, heat dissipation structures, and multifunctional integrated components.   3D printed Metal samples by FastForm   Amid the industry boom, FastForm emerged in 2016. Leveraging the profound 3D printing expertise of Dr. Shuai Li and Dr. Zhichao Chen, both of whom are among the first batch of 3D printing Ph.D. graduates in China, FastForm quickly stood out. Both founders studied under Professor Yusheng Shi of the Additive Manufacturing Research Group at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, laying a solid foundation for the company's technological innovation. In 2021, FastForm relocated to Yancheng, Jiangsu, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) equipment. The company adheres to a development philosophy that deeply integrates software and processes, continuously iterating software and optimizing processes, thereby not only localizing parts production but also significantly improving 3D printing efficiency.   FastForm   Dr. Shuai Li stated that FastForm regards software algorithms as its core competitive edge, independently mastering key software algorithms, structural design, and control programs, and using software to define manufacturing. The company is committed to creating an open and cooperative platform for metal additive manufacturing. FastForm's independently developed slicing algorithms and control software have achieved numerous groundbreaking designs and innovations, meeting the customized needs of various industries for 3D printing equipment. On the hardware side, FastForm has launched a series of industrial-grade metal additive manufacturing devices, providing efficient and reliable solutions for aerospace, dental, and industrial mold sectors.   Over the years, FastForm has insisted on the integrated innovation of software, hardware, and processes. By optimizing software algorithms, improving processes, and designing complete machines, the company has achieved significant improvements in printing efficiency and substantial reductions in equipment costs. Additionally, the company has continuously optimized its after-sales service system to ensure a smooth experience for customers during use.   With its robust comprehensive strength, FastForm has made SLM metal 3D printing a tool for large-scale industrial production, achieving notable results in the 3C consumer electronics, footwear molds, and dental prosthetics sectors. To date, FastForm has shipped over a thousand units, ranking among the market leaders in terms of newly added metal SLM equipment market share in 2023. In the SLM dental equipment market, the company holds the top position. For instance, the M140C dental-specific machine can print over 1,000 dental prosthetics daily.   Panoramic view of the FastForm plant   Collaborating with BWT to Usher in a New Era of Domestic Substitution in 3D Printing   In the competitive 3D printing market, how does FastForm maintain its technological leadership and market competitiveness? Dr. Shuai Li emphasized that the company consistently drives innovation, continuously upgrading and making breakthroughs in software algorithms, equipment performance, and application expansion to ensure sustained technological leadership.   In terms of technological innovation, FastForm places great importance on close cooperation with upstream enterprises in the industry chain. Taking lasers as an example, FastForm has high requirements for the performance, service, and market reputation of lasers. During its cooperation with BWT, BWT's lasers have met the industry requirements for metal 3D printing in terms of spot size, beam quality, and stability. Additionally, BWT lasers have advantages in improving processing speed and miniaturization.   BWT's Lightning 500W Fiber Laser, with stable performance, is highly suitable for 3D printing equipment   Specifically, BWT's Lightning 500W Fiber Laser has become an essential assistant for FastForm in improving production efficiency and product quality due to its stable performance. For example, FastForm's M420 equipment can integrate up to eight Lightning 500W single-mode fiber lasers, significantly enhancing production efficiency while effectively saving equipment space.   Of course, domestic laser companies face challenges on the path to development in 3D printing. Among these challenges, timely service response and continuous technical upgrades and iterations are particularly important. Currently, BWT has a production base in Suqian, Jiangsu, ensuring timely after-sales service. They can quickly resolve various customer issues, essentially achieving a 1-minute response, 3-hour on-site service, and 6-hour fault resolution high-speed after-sales service channel.   Artistic Loong printed by FastForm using BWT's Lightning 500W Fiber Laser   Globally, FastForm is accelerating its international expansion, with overseas sales accounting for nearly 30%, reaching Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. As development accelerates, 3D printing companies need to achieve closer collaboration with industry chain partners in key areas such as lasers, software, and equipment, jointly promoting the global popularization and application of 3D printing technology.
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Lastest company news about Speed Soars by 200%! BWT’s 3000W product is unbelievably fast, leaving the competition behind!
Speed Soars by 200%! BWT’s 3000W product is unbelievably fast, leaving the competition behind!


In the era of speed and precision, the field of thin and medium plate processing is experiencing a revolutionary transformation. Today, let's explore a remarkably fast tool -- BWT’s Lightning 3000W@34μm fiber laser, and witness its impressive performance.   On busy production lines, this product is completing complex cutting tasks at astonishing speeds. Its high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-quality cutting capabilities make it a market favorite, continuously driving industry innovation.       Speed Soars!   Cutting tests show that the performance of the Lightning 3000W@34μm surpasses conventional products. For various materials, the efficiency of thin plate processing has increased severalfold, revolutionizing the laser cutting industry. 2mm aluminum alloy nitrogen cutting speed can reach 50m/min, 2.27 times faster than 50μm; 2mm carbon steel air cutting speed can reach 40m/min, 2.35 times faster than 50μm; 3mm stainless steel nitrogen cutting speed can reach 30m/min, 3 times faster than 50μm.   Fast! Stable! Precise!   The cutting test videos below demonstrate: in the 34μm vs. 50μm speed comparison, the 3000W@34μm processes faster, more steadily, and more precisely. Higher efficiency means lower production costs.   Additionally, with flexible positioning, even complex shapes can be formed accurately in one go.     Smooth and Slag-Free!   The 3000W@34μm delivers outstanding results, with smooth cross-sections and neat edges on sample parts, leaving virtually no debris, significantly reducing the need for secondary processing.   This device excels in small-scale prototyping and is equally adept at handling large-scale production, balancing efficiency and quality. It stands out among many industry competitors, becoming a market leader.   Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Cutting Samples   On the path to driving industry progress, BWT focuses on innovations in high power, high brightness, and high integration technologies, aiming to enhance the overall performance of fiber lasers. BWT is committed to providing superior and diverse laser solutions to global end customers, creating a new chapter in the future of laser applications together.
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Lastest company news about In a split second, it reaches 100 meters! This 6000W high-brightness new product sets a new record for processing speed!
In a split second, it reaches 100 meters! This 6000W high-brightness new product sets a new record for processing speed!


As industrial processing technology continues to evolve, traditional laser tools face limitations in the metal processing sector, especially for thin to medium plates ranging from 1-10mm. The demand for efficiency is ever-increasing. The industry urgently needs a more portable, highly focused, and stable high-speed laser tool to enhance overall efficiency.   BWT precisely meets this industry demand by introducing the 6000W@34μm high-brightness product, revolutionizing the efficiency of thin and medium plate processing. This new product surpasses similar products of ordinary specifications (50-100μm) in key metrics such as technical solutions, beam quality, and processing speed, achieving speeds comparable to 12kW products, thereby redefining the efficiency standards of kilowatt-level laser cutting.         Superior Technical Solutions   Significant Performance Leap: More Integrated and Efficient Inheriting the advantages of the Lightning series, it integrates high-integration structural design with fourth-generation pump source technology, resulting in a performance leap with electro-optical conversion efficiency exceeding 40%.   34μm Core Diameter: Highly Focused Beam The industry’s smaller 34μm core diameter design makes the laser beam more focused, resulting in faster cutting speeds and higher precision, significantly enhancing processing efficiency.   High Reflectivity Resistance Design: Increased Anti-Decay Capability Unique multi-layer high reflectivity resistance structure design ensures that the laser maintains high efficiency and stability when cutting high-reflectivity metals like copper and aluminum alloys over long periods.   Femtosecond Grating Inscription Technology: Ensuring Pure Spectra The introduction of femtosecond laser grating inscription technology ensures the spectral linewidth of the output laser and SRS spectral filtering are purer, making the cutting process more stable while simplifying processing and reducing losses.   Spectral Chart   Superior Beam Quality   Effectively Suppressing Stimulated Raman Scattering, Smaller M² Value Effectively suppressing stimulated Raman scattering effects, the typical M² value is 3, with the optimal achieving M²
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