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BWT, founded in 2003, is committed to the mission of "Let the dream drive the light", the vision of becoming the "Global leader in laser solutions, and the value of "Outstanding innovation", providing Diode laser, Fiber laser, Ultra-fast laser products and solutions to global customers.The company has always been pursuing continuous innovation and insisted on autonomous and controllable advanced process and technology since its establishment. By taking Beijing head office as the core, BWT has ...
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Lastest company news about Speed Soars by 200%! BWT’s 3000W product is unbelievably fast, leaving the competition behind!
Speed Soars by 200%! BWT’s 3000W product is unbelievably fast, leaving the competition behind!


In the era of speed and precision, the field of thin and medium plate processing is experiencing a revolutionary transformation. Today, let's explore a remarkably fast tool -- BWT’s Lightning 3000W@34μm fiber laser, and witness its impressive performance.   On busy production lines, this product is completing complex cutting tasks at astonishing speeds. Its high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-quality cutting capabilities make it a market favorite, continuously driving industry innovation.       Speed Soars!   Cutting tests show that the performance of the Lightning 3000W@34μm surpasses conventional products. For various materials, the efficiency of thin plate processing has increased severalfold, revolutionizing the laser cutting industry. 2mm aluminum alloy nitrogen cutting speed can reach 50m/min, 2.27 times faster than 50μm; 2mm carbon steel air cutting speed can reach 40m/min, 2.35 times faster than 50μm; 3mm stainless steel nitrogen cutting speed can reach 30m/min, 3 times faster than 50μm.   Fast! Stable! Precise!   The cutting test videos below demonstrate: in the 34μm vs. 50μm speed comparison, the 3000W@34μm processes faster, more steadily, and more precisely. Higher efficiency means lower production costs.   Additionally, with flexible positioning, even complex shapes can be formed accurately in one go.     Smooth and Slag-Free!   The 3000W@34μm delivers outstanding results, with smooth cross-sections and neat edges on sample parts, leaving virtually no debris, significantly reducing the need for secondary processing.   This device excels in small-scale prototyping and is equally adept at handling large-scale production, balancing efficiency and quality. It stands out among many industry competitors, becoming a market leader.   Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Cutting Samples   On the path to driving industry progress, BWT focuses on innovations in high power, high brightness, and high integration technologies, aiming to enhance the overall performance of fiber lasers. BWT is committed to providing superior and diverse laser solutions to global end customers, creating a new chapter in the future of laser applications together.
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Lastest company news about In a split second, it reaches 100 meters! This 6000W high-brightness new product sets a new record for processing speed!
In a split second, it reaches 100 meters! This 6000W high-brightness new product sets a new record for processing speed!


As industrial processing technology continues to evolve, traditional laser tools face limitations in the metal processing sector, especially for thin to medium plates ranging from 1-10mm. The demand for efficiency is ever-increasing. The industry urgently needs a more portable, highly focused, and stable high-speed laser tool to enhance overall efficiency.   BWT precisely meets this industry demand by introducing the 6000W@34μm high-brightness product, revolutionizing the efficiency of thin and medium plate processing. This new product surpasses similar products of ordinary specifications (50-100μm) in key metrics such as technical solutions, beam quality, and processing speed, achieving speeds comparable to 12kW products, thereby redefining the efficiency standards of kilowatt-level laser cutting.         Superior Technical Solutions   Significant Performance Leap: More Integrated and Efficient Inheriting the advantages of the Lightning series, it integrates high-integration structural design with fourth-generation pump source technology, resulting in a performance leap with electro-optical conversion efficiency exceeding 40%.   34μm Core Diameter: Highly Focused Beam The industry’s smaller 34μm core diameter design makes the laser beam more focused, resulting in faster cutting speeds and higher precision, significantly enhancing processing efficiency.   High Reflectivity Resistance Design: Increased Anti-Decay Capability Unique multi-layer high reflectivity resistance structure design ensures that the laser maintains high efficiency and stability when cutting high-reflectivity metals like copper and aluminum alloys over long periods.   Femtosecond Grating Inscription Technology: Ensuring Pure Spectra The introduction of femtosecond laser grating inscription technology ensures the spectral linewidth of the output laser and SRS spectral filtering are purer, making the cutting process more stable while simplifying processing and reducing losses.   Spectral Chart   Superior Beam Quality   Effectively Suppressing Stimulated Raman Scattering, Smaller M² Value Effectively suppressing stimulated Raman scattering effects, the typical M² value is 3, with the optimal achieving M²
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Lastest company news about 100m/min, as swift as lightning! BWT 6000W leads the way with lightning speed!
100m/min, as swift as lightning! BWT 6000W leads the way with lightning speed!


Last year, BWT launched the high-brightness quasi-single-mode 6kW Thunder Optical Platform, which gained widespread attention in the industry and won multiple prestigious awards. Building on the technical foundation of this platform, BWT developed and introduced the highly anticipated Thunder 100-150kW fiber laser, continuously leading the new era of high-power industrial applications. Leveraging this platform, BWT now proudly presents the 6000W@34μm fiber laser, a powerful tool for thin and medium plate processing. Its extremely small core diameter demonstrates remarkable processing speed, making it the "Speed Pioneer" in the mid-to-low power segment.     Performance Leap: 34μm Core Diameter is Unmatched   As a new tool for industrial processing, the Lightning 6000W@34μm high-brightness product exhibits significant advantages in the following key metrics:   Smaller 34μm Core Diameter for Faster and More Accurate Processing Compared to 6000W 100μm and 50μm products, the 34μm core diameter results in a more focused laser beam, higher cutting precision, and faster cutting speeds, significantly enhancing production efficiency.     High-Reflectivity Design Featuring a multi-layer high-reflectivity structure design, it efficiently cuts high- reflectivity metals like copper and aluminum for extended periods.       Speed Pioneer: Cutting Speed Nearly Doubled   Cutting tests have shown that the Lightning 6000W@34μm outperforms conventional products, significantly enhancing processing efficiency.   Air Cutting for Carbon Steel: Thin plate processing efficiency is multiplied, revolutionizing the laser cutting industry standard. - 2mm efficiency reaches 62m/min, 2.48 times that of 100μm; - 4mm efficiency reaches 23m/min, 2.7 times that of 100μm; - 6mm efficiency reaches 12m/min, 2 times that of 100μm.   Nitrogen Cutting for Stainless Steel: Processing efficiency is similarly multiplied. - 3mm efficiency reaches 50m/min, 2.38 times that of 100μm; - 5mm efficiency reaches 26m/min, 2.6 times that of 100μm; - 8mm efficiency reaches 8m/min, 2 times that of 100μm.   Additionally, practical applications by end-users have shown that the Lightning 6000W@34μm can air-cut 1mm stainless steel at a speed of 100m/min, surpassing expectations.     Superior Quality, Greater Value for Users   In terms of processing quality, the BWT 6000W@34μm exhibits outstanding performance. It also excels in cutting medium-thick carbon steel plates of 20mm-30mm thickness.   2-6mm Carbon Steel Processing Effect   20-30mm Carbon Steel Processing Effect   For users, increased efficiency means significantly shorter production cycles, reduced material and energy consumption, lower production costs, faster product delivery, higher customer satisfaction, and greater economic benefits.   Whether for precision processing or large-scale production, the BWT 6000W@34μm fiber laser is a reliable and stable solution that delivers greater value to users.
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Lastest company news about 【Unveiling】BWT Diode Laser Detection Light Source: The Invisible
【Unveiling】BWT Diode Laser Detection Light Source: The Invisible "Guardian" of Rail Traffic Safety


As the pulse of urban transportation—rail traffic—accelerates, the importance of safety becomes increasingly prominent. Laser rail detection technology emerges as the "guardian" ensuring the safe and stable operation of trains.   Leveraging outstanding diode laser packaging, coupling, and beam shaping technologies, BWT introduces the single-chip diode laser-Spatial Light product series, including models like K915FD2WN-12.00WN0N and K808FD2WN-10.00WN0N. These products provide efficient and stable laser sources for laser rail detection systems, enabling precise measurement of geometric parameters of tracks without contact. The use of these products equips rail traffic with a pair of sensitive "super eyes," achieving an extended field of view and data capture ability, thus becoming a reliable assistant in maintaining rail traffic safety.     Product Features   Laser rail detection systems are critical components of modern rail traffic safety detection, typically comprising laser emitters, receivers, and data processing units working in concert. When the laser beam accurately illuminates the track surface, the receiver captures and analyzes the reflected laser signals. By analyzing the shifts and angles of these reflected lasers, the system can accurately calculate the geometric parameters of the track, such as gauge, alignment, and elevation, ensuring the safe and stable operation of trains.   Principle of Laser Rail Detection System   As a provider of high-quality laser light sources, BWT's single-tube diode laser-Spatial Light product series possesses the following characteristics and advantages:   High Precision Measurement The product offers stable, high-quality laser sources, ensuring precise measurement of track geometry by laser rail detection systems with millimeter-level accuracy, crucial for ensuring the safe operation of trains. This system is typically integrated into mobile engineering vehicles, train inspection stations, and train starting stations to perform contactless automated inspections, significantly reducing the workload and time of manual inspections, promptly identifying track anomalies, preventing accidents, and enhancing the safety of rail traffic systems.   Brand New Integrated Process The innovative integrated manufacturing process of the product's lens tube shell achieves an air tightness of 108, significantly enhancing structural compactness and integration, ensuring precise integration of internal components, and making it more stable and reliable in rail traffic safety detection applications.   Adaptability to Extreme Environments The product possesses strong environmental adaptability, with carefully designed heat dissipation systems, efficient sealing structures, and high-quality weather-resistant materials, ensuring stable operation under various climates and lighting conditions, including harsh environments such as dust, rain, and snow, thereby guaranteeing the normal operation of laser rail detection systems.   Dust-proof Design The product adopts a dust-proof design, ensuring cleanliness and dryness inside the laser, through strengthened sealing and integrated dust-proof design. This design effectively isolates the interference of dust and other debris, ensuring stable performance and service life of the laser, significantly reducing equipment maintenance costs, and providing a convenient and economical solution for rail traffic safety detection.   Application Scenarios   360-degree Detection In the detection of train wheels and vehicle exteriors, this laser, through a detection system installed on a moving vehicle, achieves comprehensive 360-degree detection of wheel wear, vehicle exterior damage, and critical component detachment or deformation, ensuring safe operation of trains.   Rail Traffic Laser Detection (Image Source: Internet)   Tunnel Detection In tunnel detection, the product can accurately inspect the initial layer and peeling of tunnel lining, evaluate whether the damage rate is controlled within a safe range, and detect potential safety hazards such as debris, pits, and cracks inside the tunnel. Through a detection system installed on dedicated engineering vehicles, this laser achieves comprehensive monitoring of tunnel safety.   Railside Body Detection In railside body detection, BWT's single-tube diode laser is mainly used to detect the shape of the body and the condition of key components. Through a detection system installed alongside the track, real-time monitoring of the deformation of the train body and the detachment or deformation of key components provides strong support for the stability and safety of train operation.   Railside Body Laser Detection (Image Source: Internet)   Apart from rail traffic safety detection, this product series can also be widely used in fields such as display, research, medical, pumping, and industrial applications, providing high-quality laser light source solutions for various application scenarios, demonstrating extensive application prospects.
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Lastest company news about Product Focus | BWT High-Performance Solid State Pump Sources Empower New Laser Applications
Product Focus | BWT High-Performance Solid State Pump Sources Empower New Laser Applications


Diode lasers, as pump sources for solid-state lasers and fiber lasers, have seen rapid development in the past decade. With significant advantages such as a wide wavelength range, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, and light weight, they have shown immense application potential and vast development prospects in fields such as optical communications, industrial processing, illumination displays, medical cosmetology, and laser radar.   In these fields, the BWT 8xx-VBG series solid-state laser pump sources have stood out for their high cost performance, becoming star products of the market. Tailored specifically for solid-state lasers and ultrafast lasers, this series covers power ranging from 10W to 550W, with core diameters of 200μm/400μm optional, ensuring stable performance to meet the needs of various application scenarios. Whether in the demanding scientific research sector or harsh industrial processing environments, the BWT 8xx-VBG series consistently delivers stable performance and outstanding quality, providing users with high-quality solutions to enhance competitiveness.       Efficient Pumping, Excellent Output   The BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources feature wavelength-locked products, employing individual VBG coupling adjustment processes for each chip, achieving wavelength locking over an ultra-wide range starting from 2A. This series effectively addresses the key technical challenge of multimode fiber decoherence, ensuring efficient energy conversion of pump sources in applications, significantly improving the beam quality of solid-state lasers and ultrafast lasers, providing users with a more reliable experience.   Beam Profile of Solid-State Laser Pump Source     Stable and Reliable, the Trusted Choice   The BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources exhibit outstanding stability. These products utilize high-reliability chips, mature optical path schemes, and undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure long-term stable operation, reducing backend maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan, providing users with worry-free usage.   Innovation-Driven, Leading the Future   BWT offers one-stop solutions from initial consultation and requirement analysis to later technical support and maintenance services, ensuring users receive professional guidance and assistance throughout usage. Additionally, collaborating with customers to develop innovative products that meet market demands, empowering customers to maintain a leading position in intense market competition. The technical teams in China and Europe possess rich experience and profound technical expertise, providing solid technical support for the design, development, and manufacturing of solid-state pump sources.   Empowering Ultrafast Laser Efficient Processing   With these advantages, the BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources have gained widespread recognition from global customers, providing strong support for the rapid development of ultrafast lasers in high-precision industries such as display panels, consumer electronics, photovoltaic cells, and glass cutting.
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