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BWT, founded in 2003, is committed to the mission of "Let the dream drive the light", the vision of becoming the "Global leader in laser solutions, and the value of "Outstanding innovation", providing Diode laser, Fiber laser, Ultra-fast laser products and solutions to global customers.The company has always been pursuing continuous innovation and insisted on autonomous and controllable advanced process and technology since its establishment. By taking Beijing head office as the core, BWT has ...
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Lastest company news about 【Unveiling】BWT Diode Laser Detection Light Source: The Invisible
【Unveiling】BWT Diode Laser Detection Light Source: The Invisible "Guardian" of Rail Traffic Safety


As the pulse of urban transportation—rail traffic—accelerates, the importance of safety becomes increasingly prominent. Laser rail detection technology emerges as the "guardian" ensuring the safe and stable operation of trains.   Leveraging outstanding diode laser packaging, coupling, and beam shaping technologies, BWT introduces the single-chip diode laser-Spatial Light product series, including models like K915FD2WN-12.00WN0N and K808FD2WN-10.00WN0N. These products provide efficient and stable laser sources for laser rail detection systems, enabling precise measurement of geometric parameters of tracks without contact. The use of these products equips rail traffic with a pair of sensitive "super eyes," achieving an extended field of view and data capture ability, thus becoming a reliable assistant in maintaining rail traffic safety.     Product Features   Laser rail detection systems are critical components of modern rail traffic safety detection, typically comprising laser emitters, receivers, and data processing units working in concert. When the laser beam accurately illuminates the track surface, the receiver captures and analyzes the reflected laser signals. By analyzing the shifts and angles of these reflected lasers, the system can accurately calculate the geometric parameters of the track, such as gauge, alignment, and elevation, ensuring the safe and stable operation of trains.   Principle of Laser Rail Detection System   As a provider of high-quality laser light sources, BWT's single-tube diode laser-Spatial Light product series possesses the following characteristics and advantages:   High Precision Measurement The product offers stable, high-quality laser sources, ensuring precise measurement of track geometry by laser rail detection systems with millimeter-level accuracy, crucial for ensuring the safe operation of trains. This system is typically integrated into mobile engineering vehicles, train inspection stations, and train starting stations to perform contactless automated inspections, significantly reducing the workload and time of manual inspections, promptly identifying track anomalies, preventing accidents, and enhancing the safety of rail traffic systems.   Brand New Integrated Process The innovative integrated manufacturing process of the product's lens tube shell achieves an air tightness of 108, significantly enhancing structural compactness and integration, ensuring precise integration of internal components, and making it more stable and reliable in rail traffic safety detection applications.   Adaptability to Extreme Environments The product possesses strong environmental adaptability, with carefully designed heat dissipation systems, efficient sealing structures, and high-quality weather-resistant materials, ensuring stable operation under various climates and lighting conditions, including harsh environments such as dust, rain, and snow, thereby guaranteeing the normal operation of laser rail detection systems.   Dust-proof Design The product adopts a dust-proof design, ensuring cleanliness and dryness inside the laser, through strengthened sealing and integrated dust-proof design. This design effectively isolates the interference of dust and other debris, ensuring stable performance and service life of the laser, significantly reducing equipment maintenance costs, and providing a convenient and economical solution for rail traffic safety detection.   Application Scenarios   360-degree Detection In the detection of train wheels and vehicle exteriors, this laser, through a detection system installed on a moving vehicle, achieves comprehensive 360-degree detection of wheel wear, vehicle exterior damage, and critical component detachment or deformation, ensuring safe operation of trains.   Rail Traffic Laser Detection (Image Source: Internet)   Tunnel Detection In tunnel detection, the product can accurately inspect the initial layer and peeling of tunnel lining, evaluate whether the damage rate is controlled within a safe range, and detect potential safety hazards such as debris, pits, and cracks inside the tunnel. Through a detection system installed on dedicated engineering vehicles, this laser achieves comprehensive monitoring of tunnel safety.   Railside Body Detection In railside body detection, BWT's single-tube diode laser is mainly used to detect the shape of the body and the condition of key components. Through a detection system installed alongside the track, real-time monitoring of the deformation of the train body and the detachment or deformation of key components provides strong support for the stability and safety of train operation.   Railside Body Laser Detection (Image Source: Internet)   Apart from rail traffic safety detection, this product series can also be widely used in fields such as display, research, medical, pumping, and industrial applications, providing high-quality laser light source solutions for various application scenarios, demonstrating extensive application prospects.
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Lastest company news about Product Focus | BWT High-Performance Solid State Pump Sources Empower New Laser Applications
Product Focus | BWT High-Performance Solid State Pump Sources Empower New Laser Applications


Diode lasers, as pump sources for solid-state lasers and fiber lasers, have seen rapid development in the past decade. With significant advantages such as a wide wavelength range, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, and light weight, they have shown immense application potential and vast development prospects in fields such as optical communications, industrial processing, illumination displays, medical cosmetology, and laser radar.   In these fields, the BWT 8xx-VBG series solid-state laser pump sources have stood out for their high cost performance, becoming star products of the market. Tailored specifically for solid-state lasers and ultrafast lasers, this series covers power ranging from 10W to 550W, with core diameters of 200μm/400μm optional, ensuring stable performance to meet the needs of various application scenarios. Whether in the demanding scientific research sector or harsh industrial processing environments, the BWT 8xx-VBG series consistently delivers stable performance and outstanding quality, providing users with high-quality solutions to enhance competitiveness.       Efficient Pumping, Excellent Output   The BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources feature wavelength-locked products, employing individual VBG coupling adjustment processes for each chip, achieving wavelength locking over an ultra-wide range starting from 2A. This series effectively addresses the key technical challenge of multimode fiber decoherence, ensuring efficient energy conversion of pump sources in applications, significantly improving the beam quality of solid-state lasers and ultrafast lasers, providing users with a more reliable experience.   Beam Profile of Solid-State Laser Pump Source     Stable and Reliable, the Trusted Choice   The BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources exhibit outstanding stability. These products utilize high-reliability chips, mature optical path schemes, and undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure long-term stable operation, reducing backend maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan, providing users with worry-free usage.   Innovation-Driven, Leading the Future   BWT offers one-stop solutions from initial consultation and requirement analysis to later technical support and maintenance services, ensuring users receive professional guidance and assistance throughout usage. Additionally, collaborating with customers to develop innovative products that meet market demands, empowering customers to maintain a leading position in intense market competition. The technical teams in China and Europe possess rich experience and profound technical expertise, providing solid technical support for the design, development, and manufacturing of solid-state pump sources.   Empowering Ultrafast Laser Efficient Processing   With these advantages, the BWT 8xx-VBG series pump sources have gained widespread recognition from global customers, providing strong support for the rapid development of ultrafast lasers in high-precision industries such as display panels, consumer electronics, photovoltaic cells, and glass cutting.
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Lastest company news about With the support of BWT femtosecond laser, Tianjin University's breakthrough in photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology reaches new heights!
With the support of BWT femtosecond laser, Tianjin University's breakthrough in photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology reaches new heights!


Recently, Professor Tian Zhen's team at Tianjin University achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology, successfully developing a new non-destructive testing method. This technology utilizes BWT's high-power femtosecond laser as the key light source, further optimizing the solution to the internal flaw detection limitation problem in inverted chip. It enhances the overall detection performance of the system, opening a new chapter in the development of non-destructive testing technology.   1. Taking the Lead, Boosting the Leap of Non-Destructive Testing Technology   Photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology, proposed in recent years as a promising microscopic detection method, enables large field-of-view, rapid, non-destructive imaging of internal structures in inverted chip models, which is of great significance for the detection of high-value objects such as chips and biological tissues.   Researchers explained that traditional microscopy techniques often face the dilemma of either limited imaging depth or resolution. Either the imaging depth is insufficient, such as in OCT, or the resolution is not high, and there is contact involved. Photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology can significantly address these pain points, achieving characteristics such as large imaging depth, high resolution, and non-contact imaging. It holds high value in medical applications.   In the study, Tianjin University utilized BWT's 20-watt infrared femtosecond laser as the femtosecond laser source, providing stable and high-quality laser pulses for photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy. The laser outputs with a central wavelength of 1030 nm, an adjustable repetition rate of 0.1-1 MHz, and an adjustable pulse width of 300 fs-10 ps (the pulse width used in the experiment is approximately 1.2 ps).   After collimation and beam expansion, the laser pulse was combined with the continuous probing light emitted by a super-radiating light-emitting diode with a wavelength of 1310 nm. It then entered the optical scanning system, consisting of a scanning mirror system, an objective lens, and a three-dimensional electric displacement stage, for large field-of-view rapid scanning imaging. During imaging, the inverted chip is in an inverted state, where the internal metal structure is not visible under bright-field microscopy, as shown in Figure 1 (b).   Figure 1: Schematic diagram of photoacoustic remote sensing system for non-destructive inspection of inverted chips.   The photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy system can perform large field-of-view optical-mechanical joint scanning imaging of inverted chip models. Its working principle is to first obtain independent small field-of-view images through "mosaic scanning", then use the electric displacement stage to move the chip sample to the next adjacent position, and finally stitch these small range images to form a complete large field-of-view image, as shown in Figure 2. The experimental results fully demonstrate the potential of photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy for non-destructive testing of chips in industrial environments.   Figure 2: Optical scanning imaging results (scale: 300 μm).   The successful application of this technology will significantly improve the overall detection performance of the system and is expected to become an important tool for non-destructive testing in the medical field, providing strong support for the early detection and precise treatment of diseases.   2. Femtosecond Laser: A Powerful Engine for Scientific Innovation   BWT's high-power femtosecond laser, with outstanding stability, adjustable pulse width, and good beam quality, provides strong support for scientific research fields such as photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy technology.   This 20-watt infrared femtosecond laser, benefiting from its all-fiber structure and industrial integration design, demonstrates excellent stability and processing capabilities. Its features include long-term continuous processing stability, adjustable pulse width, repetition rate, and adjustable pulse energy, enabling pulse time-domain control within 300 femtoseconds, effectively reducing the thermal impact on material processing and achieving true "cold" processing.   Bwt's 20-watt Infrared Femtosecond Laser   This laser is widely favored in the field of organic film and flexible material processing, and it has also attracted much attention in the domestic ultrafast laser market. It can not only handle flexible and fragile materials such as OLED, glass, ceramics, sapphire, diode materials, and alloy metals, but also plays an important role in micro-nano processing, precision marking, and other precision processing applications.   In the realm of ultrafast lasers, small-scale precision is where they shine. The head of BWT's ultrafast laser division stated that ultrafast lasers have enormous development potential, continuously expanding the boundaries of human cognition in frontier fields and continuously overcoming key technological challenges in application areas. Looking ahead, BWT will adhere to a long-term vision, delve deeper into femtosecond, picosecond, and nanosecond laser fields, provide more innovative solutions for scientific research and industrial applications, and promote the progress and development of technology.
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Lastest company news about A Comprehensive Analysis of BWT Thunder Series Fiber Laser's Development History
A Comprehensive Analysis of BWT Thunder Series Fiber Laser's Development History


As the wave of technology surges, Xiaomi Motors is leading the trend in the new energy vehicle market with its innovative force. In another technological domain, BWT has achieved another milestone by exceeding the benchmark of shipping over 1,000 units of continuous fiber lasers in a single day.   Fiber lasers, with their high precision and efficiency, are becoming the driving force behind industrial upgrading. The BWT Thunder series fiber lasers, in particular, are leading the industry's technological innovation with outstanding performance, writing a new chapter in the field of industrial cutting.   I. Thunder Series Products: Birth and Rise In September 2023, BWT launched the Thunder series fiber lasers, marking the prelude to the Thunderstorm. Leveraging the company's deep accumulation and breakthroughs in high-power technology, the Thunder series products quickly swept across the country and achieved remarkable results across the entire power range within a short period.   The Thunder Series Product Development Timeline   Scaling highlands, reaching Southeast Asia, and moving from domestic to international markets, the BWT Thunder series products have flourished in the market, tracing a magnificent development trajectory. In March of this year, the momentum of BWT Thunder series products surged, with a sharp increase in orders, and production lines running at full capacity. In order to meet the growing market demand, BWT has actively deployed resources, with the Tianjin Phase II intelligent factory scheduled to commence operations in May, along with the simultaneous launch of Phase III construction projects, indicating a potential 4-5 fold increase in company capacity, laying a solid foundation for future market expansion.   Tianjin News Interview Report   II. Mastering the Art of Balance: Pursuing High Power while Considering High Performance The reason why the Thunder series products can stand out is due in no small part to their excellent performance in the high-power field. In particular, the advent of the world's first 150kW industrial-grade fiber laser implies a significant enhancement in processing capabilities.   This product has garnered widespread attention globally, prompting industry peers to ponder: does pursuing high power mean sacrificing high quality?   In fact, the BWT team understands the importance of balance deeply. In the development process of Thunder series products, the essence of balance has been integrated into every aspect of research and development. Not only have they successfully tackled ultra-high-power technical challenges, but they have also overcome key technical bottlenecks in the production, transmission, detection, and application of light, achieving a leap in comprehensive product performance.     Based on the relentless pursuit of comprehensive performance, the BWT Thunder series products demonstrate remarkable advantages of "high power, high integration, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable". While breaking the global highest power record of 150kW, they also excel in high integration, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable aspects.   Firstly, the high-power characteristics showcase the company's leading technological strength and provide strong support for cost reduction and efficiency improvement for users in practical applications.   Secondly, in terms of high integration, the product, based on CTC chip integration design, has a more compact layout, reduces footprint, and improves equipment utilization, saving valuable space resources for users.   Furthermore, in terms of high brightness, achieving high-quality beam transmission with a 200μm core diameter is undoubtedly a pinnacle of technology within the industry, where almost no one else can rival. It further optimizes laser processing effects, significantly improving cutting speed, accuracy, and surface quality.   Lastly, the design of a 30-meter ultra-long fiber delivery cable greatly expands the application scenarios of cutting equipment, enabling the product to perform excellently in complex environments such as large workpiece processing and long-distance transmission.   The perfect combination of these four features allows the BWT Thunder series fiber lasers to face more complex processing scenarios head-on and stand out in the market.     The birth of the Thunder series products is a process of continuous breakthroughs and the pursuit of excellence. In the R&D process, the team conducted in-depth analysis of industry shortcomings and strived for excellence in every detail. Through continuous optimization and upgrades, the Thunder 150kW product has successfully overcome many challenges and performed excellently in performance, stability, efficiency, and other aspects.   In today's market, the combination of super processing capabilities and balanced performance is a "supreme cooperation". The successful launch of the Thunder 150kW product signifies BWT's magnificent transformation from following to keeping pace, then to leading in the field of high-power fiber lasers.
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Lastest company news about The Birth of a Nuclear-grade Product! BWT Unveils the World's First 150kW Industrial-Grade Fiber Laser
The Birth of a Nuclear-grade Product! BWT Unveils the World's First 150kW Industrial-Grade Fiber Laser


In 2024, the global "new industrial engine" is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, leading the wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation. On March 19th, NVIDIA officially announced its new generation Blackwell architecture - the new nuclear-grade B200, showcasing its "game-changing" innovation in the GPU field. Coincidentally, on March 20th, BWT, following the launch of the 135kW ultra-high-power product, once again thundered into the scene by unveiling the world's first 150kW industrial-grade fiber laser, shaking the industry like a nuclear explosion. Although these two companies operate in different domains, vary in size, and possess different degrees of influence, they converge on a similar path, injecting powerful momentum into the development of the global new industrial era and scripting the innovative saga of a new era.     Since the beginning of the Year of the Loong, BWT has soared like a giant Loong, unstoppable, demonstrating a force and speed akin to a thunderstorm! In just over a month, BWT has consecutively launched four ultra-high-power products, with a speed and intensity unparalleled in the industry.   The "Fantastic Four" of Thunder Series Ultra-High-Power Lasers   Authoritative Witness: The World's First 150kW Stuns the Scene   At the W3-3310 booth of the 2024 LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, the Thunder 150kW fiber laser emerged like a sword, aiming directly at meeting the core needs of ultra-thick plate cutting. The improvement of efficiency in thick plate cutting has long been a major pain point in the industry. The key to solving this problem lies in continuously challenging the power limit and creating even more powerful processing capabilities.   "The launch of the Thunder 150kW product breaks the global industrial cutting field's high-power record. This innovative achievement not only signifies another peak in domestic laser cutting technology but also heralds the arrival of a new era in global high-power laser industrial applications!" said Chen Xiaohua, Chairman of BWT. The introduction of Thunder 150kW will bring unprecedented efficiency improvements to high-power thick plate cutting and usher in a new processing experience.   Chairman Chen Xiaohua's Address   Zhang Qingmao, Director of the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society, stated that China's manufacturing industry is currently at a crucial stage of transformation and upgrading, and the laser industry is embracing a major opportunity for "lane-changing overtaking." As an essential path to becoming a manufacturing and technological powerhouse, the application and development of laser technology are of significant importance in enhancing China's manufacturing competitiveness. With the arrival of the 150kW industrial-grade fiber laser, advanced manufacturing sectors such as aviation, shipping, railways, and automobiles will also upgrade to more advanced and efficient processing tools, bringing changes to various industries in terms of quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, scale expansion, and structural upgrading.   Director Zhang Qingmao's Address   Tang Xiahui, Vice Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing and Chairman of the Hubei Province Laser Society, expressed that thick plate processing has always been a challenge in the manufacturing industry, and traditional processing methods often fail to meet the demands of high-end manufacturing. BWT's global first 150kW industrial-grade fiber laser provides a new solution for thick plate processing. Its powerful power ensures a significant improvement in cutting speed, efficiency, and processing quality, injecting new vitality into the development of the manufacturing industry. This achievement indicates that we have entered the forefront of the world in laser processing technology, providing stronger support for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and the cultivation of new quality productivity.   Vice Director Tang Xiahui's Address   At the press conference, Researcher Sun Qing from the National Institute of Metrology, China provided authoritative certification for the world's first 150kW industrial-grade fiber laser.   Researcher Sun Qing of the National Institute of Metrology, China providing certification   Breaking Through Bottlenecks: Opening Up the Ceiling of Ultra-High Power Applications   Technologically, the Thunder 150kW product has broken through the key technological bottlenecks from the generation, transmission, detection of light to its application, thus opening up the ceiling of ultra-high power applications.   In terms of research and development, BWT has innovatively adopted CTC integrated technology, seamlessly integrating chips, thermal sink structures, pump modules, and lasers, achieving integrated upgrades from traditional chips to pump sources and then to laser coolers. The company has independently developed a new generation of Thunder optical platform and employed technologies such as power coupling and femtosecond laser grating inscription to ensure high-quality and stable laser output.   BWT’s booth was crowded with visitors   In terms of transmission, BWT has independently developed ultra-high-power output heads with advantages such as high output power, wide operating frequency bands, and long service life, supporting the generation and transmission of ultra-high-power lasers up to 200kW.   In terms of detection, BWT, for the first time in China, used an optical power meter for the experimental measurement of 150kW laser power. At the same time, the successful testing of Thunder 150kW fills the gap in domestic testing of ultra-high-power experiments above 120kW, providing application data and practical experience for optical power meters (a new type of high-performance testing equipment).   In terms of application, the Thunder 150kW product can fully leverage its four major advantages of high power, high efficiency, high brightness, and long fiber delivery cable to significantly improve cutting speed and quality, providing powerful tools and means for exploring the world and promoting rapid development in industries such as industrial and scientific research.     Laser, as a representative of new quality productivity, driven by technological innovation, leads the traditional manufacturing industry onto a new path of efficiency, environmental friendliness, and sustainable development, achieving a double harvest of economic and social benefits.   The BWT Thunder 150kW product is a perfect interpretation of new quality productivity, integrating the latest technological innovations and creating the industry's strongest processing capabilities. It is expected to spark an efficiency revolution in the field of ultra-thick plate processing, further reducing costs and increasing efficiency along the industrial chain, injecting vigorous momentum into industrial applications, providing strong support for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and promoting social technological progress and economic development to new heights.   The power of technology can change the world. BWT will resonate with the nation and the times, committed to applying the most cutting-edge laser technology to various fields, contributing to the progress of human society.
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