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BWT: Great Expansion on Pumping Laser Production Line

July 22, 2021

During the first six months of 2014, a great demand hit the fiber laser market, BWT continuously became the first-choice cooperator for its long-time reliability, timely delivery, most cost-effective and comprehensive products. As the key supplier of pumping laser, BWT takes fastest response from several approaches to face the tremendous requirement. Recruit operators and change to the 7X24 3 work shifts as well as increase the clean room by another 400 square meters.  In July the pumping laser line has expanded its production volume in 5 times, and year-to-year growth of 150% in sales.


Although BWT has occupied a decisive position of pumping laser industry in China, we are not satisfied with its present situation and won’t stop moving forward. As far as pumping laser, we will still keep up the pace with fiber laser, timely providing high power and high brightness diode lasers. Meanwhile, in the areas of CTP, medical cosmetics and night vision, we will explore new applications with our customers, and then provide targeted, instructive and value-added diode laser solutions.



About Us:


BWT has been focusing on fiber pigtailed diode laser packaging and assembly for more than 10 years. We devoted ourselves to continuous innovation in design, research, development and manufacturing the most cost effective solution for our customers. By continuous improvement of production processes and pursuing of higher quality standards, BWT has won wide recognition and trust from both our domestic and abroad customers in the areas of fiber laser pumping, Computer To Plate (CTP), DPSS laser pumping, medical use, illumination, industry and scientific. Today, BWT has become the leader in diode laser coupling and packaging. With professional knowledge and experiences, BWT is committed to provide comprehensive and reliable diode lasers and its total solutions. Long-term corporation and common development with customers are BWT’s always goal.


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