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BWT high-brightness laser won the "best laser technology innovation award"

December 3, 2018

In September 2018, BWT Beijing LTD. won the best laser technology innovation award “Ofweek” by virtue of independently developing the 220um-1000W diode direct processing laser system. The award marks that BWT's research and manufacturing capability has reached the leading level in the industrial field of high brightness lasers.

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BWT design is based on the reliability of high brightness NewBeam ® series pumping source. Under the same fiber coupling parameters, the planar layout of multiple chips is combined with the ultimate space bundling arrangement, which is compact in volume, leading to the consistent chips operating temperature, improved beam quality and long-term reliability. The long life test at 28 ℃ at full power shows that the output power drops less than 5% after 7200 hours. High temperature and high humidity test showed that the output power drops less than 5% in the 45 ℃ / 95% humidity conditions after 2500 hours. High temperature storage test shows that the output power keeps the same under the condition of 85 ℃ high temperature for 1000 hours.

The BWT high-brightness laser adopts customized combiner and QBH, and the experiments show that the temperature rise speed of combiner is lower than ordinary combiner with the increase of input power. After high and low temperature cycling, the coupling efficiency of the combiner changed a little with only 1.8%~2.9%. At present, when the reflective light power is 230W, the combiner temperature is 50c.

Based on the above comparative data, we can find that BWT high-brightness laser has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption, compact structure and easier to use than ordinary lasers. Due to its flexible laser output type, it can be easily integrated with the laser system, and can be widely used in the fields of metal welding, industrial cladding, quenching, material processing, laser research and so on.

BWT was found in 2003, and has been committed to the development, design and manufacturing of the most cost-effective diode lasers. In the past 15 years, BWT constantly innovate and accumulate technology, persistently improve the production process, and pursuit the higher product quality standard, now BWT has become the leader in the world with unanimous praise from users in CTP printing, laser pumping source, medical, illumination, scientific research and other fields.