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BWT's product line

April 13, 2023


BWT's product line



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Tianjin Automation Production Base


Represented by the Lightning series, BWT has established three product lines of semiconductor, optical fiber and ultrafast lasers to provide users with diversified applications and customized services.


In terms of core technology, BWT keeps up with the frontiers of technology, masters every process link from chip placement to fiber coupling, and tempers its own core technology system in chip packaging, beam shaping, multi-core fiber beam combining, etc. In terms of wavelength locking and control of output spot energy distribution, etc., he has rich practical experience and technical accumulation.In terms of industrialization capabilities, Kaplein's automated production base in Tianjin provides strong momentum for the development of various regional markets. "In the Tianjin base, there are more than 100 sets of equipment with a unit price of more than one million, and the core key positions such as high-power die sintering and pump source coupling are 100% automated." The production line is laid out according to the "one flow" idea, and the production efficiency has doubled. More than 2 times, the unit energy consumption is reduced by about 20%. Currently, BWT can provide a full range of high-power fiber lasers and cost-effective pump sources in large quantities.


With strong production capacity and total quality management, BWT is striving to realize the strategic vision of "Global Laser Solution Leader". Among them, semiconductor lasers have been widely used in industrial pumping, industrial processing, medical beauty, scientific research, sensor detection, security lighting and other fields; fiber lasers and ultrafast lasers are also meeting the needs of different end customer applications.