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BWT Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2016 in China

July 22, 2021

BWT Beijing, a leading semiconductor laser supplier, has won Ringier Technology Innovation award consecutive in this year and last year. The winning product this year is a 976nm/100W wavelength-stabilized high brightness diode laser. The Ringier Technology Innovation Award is one of the metalworking industry’s most prestigious honors in China and awarded annually to encourage, acknowledge and reward those individuals and companies who have introduced and developed a new idea, a new methodology, a new product and a new technology for manufacturing production efficiency, cost effectiveness, user convenience, which might result in energy saving and more responsible clean manufacturing in the metalworking industry.

BWT established in 2003, the team has developed high brightness multiple single emitter diode lasers since 2009. The new award-winning product based on this multiple single emitter design, which coupled the diode laser light into a 105μm/ 0.15N.A. fiber, offers 100W output power at wavelength-stabilized 976±0.5nm. The high brightness makes it possible for our customers to combine more pumps light for fiber laser, and the stabilized wavelength provides stable high absorption efficiency for active fiber. The new product has received the Ringier award and has been recognized by fiber laser customers as an innovative solution to achieve performance and reliability that help customers deliver on new system trends in the metalworking industry.