Report on High Brightness Pump Laser for Fiber Laser Application

July 22, 2021

During just passed Laser World of Photonics CHINA, BWT has been invited to give a report on High Brightness Pump Laser for Fiber Laser Application. The report can be divided into four parts, the first part is about the comparison among different types of fiber coupled diode lasers, such as single emitter laser, multi-single emitter laser, mini-bar and full bar/stack. Among which, for high brightness fiber coupled diode laser, multi-single emitter diode laser has great advantages in reliability, driver, cooling and cost of ownership. In the second part, BWT has share how to design high brightness multi-single emitter fiber coupled diode laser, including spatial power combing, polarization combing, multi-wavelength combing and temperature control etc. The third part introduces the design and implementation of narrow linewidth, wavelength stabilized high brightness diode laser. And the last part shows BWT's latest released pump series for high power fiber laser application, including 9xxnm/0.15NA/65W, 976nm wavelength stabilized 60W/85W, 9xxnm/100W, 793nm/30W.