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Visit us at Photonics West 2015

July 22, 2021

Welcome to visit BWT Beijing’s booth #8934 at BIOS Expo 2015, and booth #934 at Photonics West 2015, the most comprehensive #1 laser, photonics, and biomedical optics conference during 7-12 February 2015. 

Technical papers presented by BWT Beijing at the LASE - High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications XIII (Conference 9348): 

Session 5: High Power Device Reliability 

Date: Monday, 9 February 2015

Time: 8:00 AM - 8:20 AM

Paper 9348-19: Reliability study of high brightness multiple single emitter diode lasers

Presenter: Thomas Yang 

High brightness pumps based on multiple single emitters offer significant advantages in thermal management and reliability for pumping high-power fiber lasers. The lifetime of the high brightness pump lasers are from the laser diode chips and the multi-emitter packages. In this study, we optimized the chip bonding processes for various chips including 9xxnm 10W-20W, 1470nm 6W types which were from various suppliers around the world, and achieved suitable chip bonding processes to produce high performance and reliable chip-on-submount. Then, in this paper, a series of accelerated life tests were performed on 2-emitter to 7-emitter packages with 9xxnm/105um fiber coupled modules. The MTTF of these modules exceeds 100k hours. Finally, we present a separate reliability study on wavelength stabilized 976nm fiber coupled diode.